Saving on petrol: Tips and tricks for Australians

Saving on petrol - Cheap Tuesday

We live in harsh economic times and one thing that we constantly worry about is filling up the petrol tank. This is a list of the top 5 ways for saving on petrol.

1. While it may seem ridiculous it is an undeniable fact that if you fill up your tank on a Tuesday it will be cheaper. They don’t it call ‘Tight Ass Tuesday’ for nothing! You can save anywhere from 5 – 15% on fuel costs by filling up on a Tuesday, however if that is not possible just try to avoid the weekends.

2. Shopping markets, Woolworths and Coles own the majority of petrol stations in Australia and as such they will offer fuel vouchers if you do your weekly shop in their supermarket. You can receive discounts anywhere from 4c a litre to 12c a litre.

3. A big tip is to also get a jerry can if you are travelling long distances to remote areas of Australia you will notice that the fuel prices will increase, however if you have a jerry can of fuel ready for such an occasion you can beat the rising cost.

4. Many people will tell you that saving on petrol is just a matter of staying at a consistent speed, reducing your braking and accelerating power. We can’t confirm this to be true, however, we have noticed driving on a highway for an extended period of time can reduce how quickly you use fuel.

5. If you want some tips to save fuel while driving then we suggest you carpool with some friends. Get together and drive around this beautiful country all whilst saving on fuel. Carpooling for school runs, shopping or travelling to and from work is also a good idea.