Backpacking is a liberating Experience

When my brother pushed me into backpacking I was furious at him. But now I thank him daily now. If he had not done it I would be half empty. It really brings social skills to fore. Backpacking helps you connect with people you would have never met. Only last year I met a buddhist monk and learnt a lot about life from him.

Backpacking is Fun

Backpacking is Fun

We can indulge in the sports like paragliding and bungee jumping from locations unheard. It is great test of mental and physical strength. Also it helps us to grow as a person. Self motivation is the first thing you will learn. Hiking always requires you to motivate yourself. Nobody else can be better at it.

It also helps to develop various life skills. A few of the skills you will learn are budgeting skills and skill of handling different set of people. Nobody is there to protect you so you also learn survival skills.The better you get at the survival skills the more you grow confident of yourself.You have to get the finances, plan the trip and you are the one living the dream You become a complete manager.

So, go ahead and start backpacking now. You will be set free as I am.Backpacking in Australia is really exciting. You get diversity, from mountains to deserts and also great water bodies to waddle across. The animals make the experience even better. The rocky coasts are the best place to doze off after a hectic climb. The beach is another place to recharge your batteries before indulging in another hike. Happy Backpacking.