Economic Backpacking

Backpacking Economically

Backpacking is fun, but how do you keep the fun flowing if you are on a budget. You still want to follow your favorite pastime? Here are few tips to backpack but do it the economic way.

  • Carry energy bars – Skip the afternoon meal and carry chocolate bars to keep up the energy. Lunch is the most expensive food when you are backpacking.
  • Do not drink at a pub – Drinking at a pub will cost you money. Instead you can buy the alcohol at the local store. Then you can just enjoy your evening with your drink in your camp. Economic way for intoxication.
  • Use Public Transport in the city – Taxi always are expensive. So, while in the city use public transport. You will see the city better and save lots of money in the process too. Walk short distances to save money too.
  • Pack less things – While packing make sure you are not packing a horde. Pack only essentials. More the backpack is heavy and exceeds the allowed luggage limit of the airline you will have to pay more. So weigh your backpack before embarking on the journey and skip paying extra.
  • Do not bring valuable articles – Backpacking does not require flaunting jewelry. Just keep them at home. You might lose them in a hurry and be at loss.
  • ¬†Cook in your camp – Carry the camper’s stove and use it to cook food at your campsite. You will save valuable dollars when not eating out.Just be a bit aware not to carry matches in an airline. It is not allowed.