5 Packing essentials for the Caravan Holiday

Packing essential for a Caravan Holiday

I have always enjoyed going out in a caravan. There are some of my friends who also accompany me and they enjoy every bit. But I need to do a lot of planning before venturing out. A caravan can be parked besides a lake or in between a mountain but there are things which should be there inside. Recently I went for a month-long tour across the outback and missed many things. Then I thought to make an exhaustive list of articles to be carried. Here is the list of 5 essentials for a caravan holiday.

  • A Satellite Phone – Normal phones may or may not work in wilderness. Do not take chances. Carrying a satellite phone is a necessity when you are travelling. There is a new gadget which can turn your iPhone into satellite phone.
  • Power Inverter – Batteries can be charged using the Caravan engine, and to light the interiors during night you would require a power inverter.
  • Portable Solar Panels – This is the free way to charge. Portable solar panels help to charge batteries and also heat water without worrying about the fuel. Here is a nice deal. Use the solar energy which is in fact the original source.
  • First Aid Kit – An essential item for every travel, but for caravan travel it becomes very necessary. When you are camping 100 miles away from nearest town it can help. Make a kit after a check up with the doctor to ensure that the first aid kit is complete.
  • Water – Store at least 80 liter water and refill when you are near a town. Every individual requires 4 liters of water daily just for drinking.

Is there anything you would add to the list? Let me know.


With our Caravan we Go Wherever our Hearts Take Us

When I talk to my friends I find that quite a few of them turn their noses up at camping or caravanning. My guess is that they think its for those who are battling. They don’t know what they’re missing. If I had pots of money and could stay in 5 star luxury, I would still choose camping, because I’m an outdoor lover and I certainly get my rewards. I find caravanning a fantastic way of pulling into any campsite that takes your fancy, and doing just what you want and when you want. I’ve seen far more places this way than some of my friends who seem to spend all their time saving for that bit of luxury they insist on.

travel in caravan

Australia is such a huge country with plenty of opportunity for enjoying the splendour of good weather, of nature, and of course its simplicity. For me there is nothing nicer than sitting in a comfy camp-chair with a crackling fire, and listening to the sounds of the night or even the ocean as you enjoy simple but delicious food on your lap. This is such an enjoyable, relaxing and affordable way to see our country, and with a little bit of planning, you make sure that each spot you choose will live up to your expectations.