5 Packing essentials for the Caravan Holiday

Packing essential for a Caravan Holiday

I have always enjoyed going out in a caravan. There are some of my friends who also accompany me and they enjoy every bit. But I need to do a lot of planning before venturing out. A caravan can be parked besides a lake or in between a mountain but there are things which should be there inside. Recently I went for a month-long tour across the outback and missed many things. Then I thought to make an exhaustive list of articles to be carried. Here is the list of 5 essentials for a caravan holiday.

  • A Satellite Phone – Normal phones may or may not work in wilderness. Do not take chances. Carrying a satellite phone is a necessity when you are travelling. There is a new gadget which can turn your iPhone into satellite phone.
  • Power Inverter – Batteries can be charged using the Caravan engine, and to light the interiors during night you would require a power inverter.
  • Portable Solar Panels – This is the free way to charge. Portable solar panels help to charge batteries and also heat water without worrying about the fuel. Here is a nice deal. Use the solar energy which is in fact the original source.
  • First Aid Kit – An essential item for every travel, but for caravan travel it becomes very necessary. When you are camping 100 miles away from nearest town it can help. Make a kit after a check up with the doctor to ensure that the first aid kit is complete.
  • Water – Store at least 80 liter water and refill when you are near a town. Every individual requires 4 liters of water daily just for drinking.

Is there anything you would add to the list? Let me know.


Economic Backpacking

Backpacking Economically

Backpacking is fun, but how do you keep the fun flowing if you are on a budget. You still want to follow your favorite pastime? Here are few tips to backpack but do it the economic way.

  • Carry energy bars – Skip the afternoon meal and carry chocolate bars to keep up the energy. Lunch is the most expensive food when you are backpacking.
  • Do not drink at a pub – Drinking at a pub will cost you money. Instead you can buy the alcohol at the local store. Then you can just enjoy your evening with your drink in your camp. Economic way for intoxication.
  • Use Public Transport in the city – Taxi always are expensive. So, while in the city use public transport. You will see the city better and save lots of money in the process too. Walk short distances to save money too.
  • Pack less things – While packing make sure you are not packing a horde. Pack only essentials. More the backpack is heavy and exceeds the allowed luggage limit of the airline you will have to pay more. So weigh your backpack before embarking on the journey and skip paying extra.
  • Do not bring valuable articles – Backpacking does not require flaunting jewelry. Just keep them at home. You might lose them in a hurry and be at loss.
  •  Cook in your camp – Carry the camper’s stove and use it to cook food at your campsite. You will save valuable dollars when not eating out.Just be a bit aware not to carry matches in an airline. It is not allowed.

Packing your backpack right

The right backpack can truly change your life. I have packed enough things for a two week trip in my 35 liter backpack (bought courtesy of https://www.ferratum.com.au/)and I never once had to repeat my outfit.

How is that even possible, you ask? You just have to pack it right! First of all, while packing, make sure that you use all the compartments given to you. Roll all your clothes, instead of packing them flat. This will save a lot of space for you. You could store your socks, scarves and other such small items inside the shoes that you are packing as well. You could follow the zones of packing- put the heavier pieces at the back of the backpack, so that the weight is equally distributed.

How to pack a backpack

Most backpacks have side zips that can be used for storage purposes- these do not extend the width of the backpack too much, so the dimensions will remain the same (you will not get into any trouble with airplane baggage limits, so don’t worry). Also make use of the zipper on the top of the bag- it is actually quite large, and can fit most of your t-shirts and such.

While packing, make sure that you put all your liquids/makeup in a pouch and put it right on top. This way, you can access it easily when at the security check in the airport.

Backpacking is a liberating Experience

When my brother pushed me into backpacking I was furious at him. But now I thank him daily now. If he had not done it I would be half empty. It really brings social skills to fore. Backpacking helps you connect with people you would have never met. Only last year I met a buddhist monk and learnt a lot about life from him.

Backpacking is Fun

Backpacking is Fun

We can indulge in the sports like paragliding and bungee jumping from locations unheard. It is great test of mental and physical strength. Also it helps us to grow as a person. Self motivation is the first thing you will learn. Hiking always requires you to motivate yourself. Nobody else can be better at it.

It also helps to develop various life skills. A few of the skills you will learn are budgeting skills and skill of handling different set of people. Nobody is there to protect you so you also learn survival skills.The better you get at the survival skills the more you grow confident of yourself.You have to get the finances, plan the trip and you are the one living the dream You become a complete manager.

So, go ahead and start backpacking now. You will be set free as I am.Backpacking in Australia is really exciting. You get diversity, from mountains to deserts and also great water bodies to waddle across. The animals make the experience even better. The rocky coasts are the best place to doze off after a hectic climb. The beach is another place to recharge your batteries before indulging in another hike. Happy Backpacking.



Make your Backpack Lighter

While backpacking we tend to over pack. The heavier the backpack the more difficult it is to carry.

Buying a Weighing Scale

The first thing to be done is to buy a digital scale to weigh your backpack. Before starting create a list of what you are carrying. They can be broadly classified into (1) Consumables – Food, Fuel and Water (2) Wearable – The things you need to wear like shorts, jackets and t-shirt (3) Camping items – Tents, sleeping bags etc.

After classifying them weigh each class individually, make note and keep it with you. This is the first step in eliminating what you carry extra.

Lightweight Backpacking

The Heaviest load

Most of the weight in the backpack is of (1) Tent (2) Sleeping Bag and (3) Backpack itself.

Always buy tents that are lightweight. It is almost 20 percent of the total weight. Go for single walled personal tents. Try using hiking poles instead of tent poles. This way you can reduce the weight of tent poles.

Buy down sleeping bags which are more compressible. It helps in lowering volume and ultimately lowering weight.

Backpacks that can carry more and weigh less can help reduce the weight. Try using cottage industry backpacks. They are lighter, sturdier and more useful with extra mesh pockets.

And finally make a list of unused things when you are back. You will find that you are carrying some extra things which are really never used. Get rid of them next time. There is no substitute for experience. So go ahead and clock the extra mile with lighter load.

Time to Backpack?


Backpacking was not on my travelscape, till I caught the travel bug and wanted to see the whole length and breadth of Australia. I wanted to travel but not break the bank while doing it. So I decided to explore the backpacking way of traveling. To my utter surprise, I enjoyed backpacking more than I had ever thought. I discovered that backpacking is not only for the cost conscious students; increasingly backpacking destinations are becoming the favorites of cost conscious travelers like me. While some of the places I stayed in were pretty basic, some not so clean, some too crowded, over all, the backpackers hideouts were pretty good.
Some of them were actually excellent. You have hundreds of accommodations to chose from all over Australia and if you choose your destinations and accommodations well, you can have a great time without spending a lot of money.
There are all kinds of backpacking and cheap accommodations available all over Australia, from hostels, to dormitories to the latest in backpacking world called flashpackers. It is more upscale with private rooms that have ensuite toilets and even kitchens

If you want to vacation on the beach or in a remoter area, then you can enjoy camping and living in tents. There are several of these accommodations all over Australia. They are great for the budget conscious and cost watchers as they are cheap. If you are more adventurous and can carry a tent too, then just look for a park or an open wide space in the outback and camp, that will cost you only the price of a tent.