Backpacking in Australia alone can be a great adventure

Is backpacking in Australia alone safe?

For decades Australia has been a very popular destination for backpackers. With traveling becoming more and more popular among women, a lot of people wonder if traveling alone in Austraia is safe. The first big advantage that someone backpacking in Australia alone might experience is that the main language spoken Down Under is English. Yes I know, English is not everyone´s main language, but I am sure we can agree that communicating in English for most travelers is easier than other languages. Therefore asking for directions, safety information and help will not be a big issue. And since Australia is used to women backpacking in Australia alone, they have a good structure to receive those travelers. Most deserted areas have a registration point from which they will start out a search if they have not heard from you for a determined period of time. The majority of hostels possess all female dorms, so that will allow you to sleep with more ease. Another advantage of using hostels is that you will meet a lot of people so that you go out you can go as a group. But even though Australia is a relatively safe country, of course, you will need to use some common sense. Do not wonder off into the bush by yourself, do not get drunk with unknown people and don´t take rides from strangers.