Save money at home

Save money at home
Many homes end up paying high bills and are missing out on savings because they have not taken measures to save money at home. Saving money is an art that requires creativity. In most cases, it does not require you to sacrifice anything, but you must be disciplined and responsible. You can save money at home by: • Reducing utility bills. • Having a home saving concept for coins. Almost 40% of all home expenses go into paying utility bills. If these can be reduced to about 20-30%, the money that is saved can be used for other things, like going for a holiday. Research has shown that being irresponsible accounts for almost 25% of the expenses on utility bills. Irresponsible behaviours include: • Not turning off the television and lights when not in use. • Not using energy saving appliances. • Using faulty electrical gadgets. • Leaking taps. These are common things that many people ignore. None of these situations require much effort, time or money to solve. For example, turning off electronics that you are not using is a simple and effective action. The other way to save money at home is by initiating a saving concept at home. Have you noticed how we ignore coins and just throw them everywhere? You can get a box to collect your coins. Instead of setting coins wherever, every member of your family should learn to put their coins in that box. You can call it a ‘bust bin’ for coins. Remember, a penny saved can earn you a dime and, eventually, even more money!


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