With our Caravan we Go Wherever our Hearts Take Us

When I talk to my friends I find that quite a few of them turn their noses up at camping or caravanning. My guess is that they think its for those who are battling. They don’t know what they’re missing. If I had pots of money and could stay in 5 star luxury, I would still choose camping, because I’m an outdoor lover and I certainly get my rewards. I find caravanning a fantastic way of pulling into any campsite that takes your fancy, and doing just what you want and when you want. I’ve seen far more places this way than some of my friends who seem to spend all their time saving for that bit of luxury they insist on.

travel in caravan

Australia is such a huge country with plenty of opportunity for enjoying the splendour of good weather, of nature, and of course its simplicity. For me there is nothing nicer than sitting in a comfy camp-chair with a crackling fire, and listening to the sounds of the night or even the ocean as you enjoy simple but delicious food on your lap. This is such an enjoyable, relaxing and affordable way to see our country, and with a little bit of planning, you make sure that each spot you choose will live up to your expectations.


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