Make your Backpack Lighter

While backpacking we tend to over pack. The heavier the backpack the more difficult it is to carry.

Buying a Weighing Scale

The first thing to be done is to buy a digital scale to weigh your backpack. Before starting create a list of what you are carrying. They can be broadly classified into (1) Consumables – Food, Fuel and Water (2) Wearable – The things you need to wear like shorts, jackets and t-shirt (3) Camping items – Tents, sleeping bags etc.

After classifying them weigh each class individually, make note and keep it with you. This is the first step in eliminating what you carry extra.

Lightweight Backpacking

The Heaviest load

Most of the weight in the backpack is of (1) Tent (2) Sleeping Bag and (3) Backpack itself.

Always buy tents that are lightweight. It is almost 20 percent of the total weight. Go for single walled personal tents. Try using hiking poles instead of tent poles. This way you can reduce the weight of tent poles.

Buy down sleeping bags which are more compressible. It helps in lowering volume and ultimately lowering weight.

Backpacks that can carry more and weigh less can help reduce the weight. Try using cottage industry backpacks. They are lighter, sturdier and more useful with extra mesh pockets.

And finally make a list of unused things when you are back. You will find that you are carrying some extra things which are really never used. Get rid of them next time. There is no substitute for experience. So go ahead and clock the extra mile with lighter load.